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At DNJ, we value our drivers and take time to invest in their career. One of the most unique aspects of working with DNJ is that you can spend your entire career with us. In fact, we have drivers on our team with more than 30 years of tenure.

No one knows a drayage company like its drivers. Take the time to read what some of our drivers have to say about DNJ in the testimonials at the bottom of the page.

We are proud to offer the following benefits:

  • Great pay – Owner operators can make up to $177,000 a year and company drivers can make $70,860 a year!
  • Safety bonuses
  • Family – We know how important family is; that’s why we want you to see yours! Our drivers go home daily.
  • Keeping you busy – Our commitment to consistent freight keeps your career moving forward.
  • Make a career – Many of our drivers have been with us for decades; make a long-term career choice with DNJ.
  • New trucks – Our fleet of trucks is made up of vehicles that are all less than three years old.
  • Depot access – DNJ drivers can access our depot whenever they want, 24/7.
  • Parking and maintenance – DNJ gives drivers access to parking and an on-site shop for any repairs or maintenance needs.
  • Latest technology – DNJ drivers are connected to the newest technologies to keep on schedule and working their best.

Read more about benefits for company drivers and owner operators alike.

The best thing about my job is that the company helps me with repairs and personal issues. DNJ has good retention, benefits, and rate per mile. And I’m able to come home to my family. I didn’t always want to be a trucker, but now I can’t see myself doing anything else. This company takes care of me.

Alfonso Owner Operator DNJ Intermodal Services

I get to pick and choose the loads that I want, and I get to select where I want to go. I’m home every night because of the flexibility. Before I started working at DNJ I was driving back and forth from the west coast to the east coast.

Kennard Driver DNJ Intermodal Services

DNJ is family-friendly. Joe has an open door policy. They listen and want to solve problems. They always have work that fits your schedule.

Ramiro MY TRUCK Driver DNJ Intermodal Services

These are nice people to work for. They go out of their way to help you. They work with my schedule so I can still make money but make it to my doctor’s appointments.

Todd Owner Operator DNJ Intermodal Services

With the number of changes I’ve seen over the years in the trucking industry, one thing has remained the same: the freedom and beautiful scenery you experience on the open road. As a driver, you must be mindful of others on the road and always try to expect the unexpected. Safety is key, especially if you want to drive for as long as I have.

David Formella Company Driver DNJ Intermodal Services